Little Blessings Online, Season 3, Episode 5

Little Blessings Online, Series 3, Episode 5, Colouristic

In Season 3, Episode 5, of Little Blessings Online, Jo and Andy and their team look at all things colourful. Life is full of colour and multi-coloured things are everywhere!

What’s your favourite colour?

Do you have a multi-coloured toy or anything multi-coloured?

Art Time
For Art time, Jo shows us how to make such a simple but colourful picture. It’s so simple, all you need is pen, paper and colours. You could use paints, crayons, pencils, or felt-tips – your choice.

Your day will be brightened up!

Multi-coloured Scribble

  • pen or pencil
  • paper
  • pencils/ crayons/ paints or felt tip pens

Story Time
Andy B tells us all about Joe who has loads of brothers, has fascinating dreams and wears a multi-coloured coat, but things are not as bright for Joe as you might think… there is trouble ahead…but he does look cool in his colourful coat – you have just got to see it!

The BerryBunch –

Little Blessings Online, Season 3 Episode 5, Colouristic!

The BerryBunch –

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