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  • #SpeakTruth – Jesus didn’t bear the weight…
    Jesus didn’t bear the weight of all your mistakes to leave you carrying life’s stresses alone.
  • #speaktruth – It’s not what you believe that…
    It’s not what you believe that counts. It’s what you do. Even the devil believes Jesus rose from the grave.
  • Prayer 2:62 – our 100th Session
    On Friday 5th March we’ll be donig – God willing – our 100th Live Prayer Session on our Facebook page. You’d be very welcome to join us, from 4pm, for just 10 minutes, on week days.
  • Endurance – Series 1, Promotional Video
    1 Timothy 4:8 (New Living Translation) “Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.” Endurance is your weekly Spiritual Workout: “It’s taking the Bible; unpacking it; understanding what God wants to do in our lives”, Steven.
  • #SpeakTruth – It’s easy to use the right…
    It’s easy to use the right Christian buzz words, but God sees your heart. You cannot deceive God.

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