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Christingle, 2020, with the BerryBunch

In this super special broadcast, Andy B and Jo Jo take us through the Christingle. They look at the history of the Christingle, and the humble orange that makes up the most important part.

Jo Jo brings history alive as she takes us through what each of the elements of a Christingle mean.

Andy B teams up with Jo Jo to show us how to actually make a Christingle, using objects and items that should be fairly easy to find in your home!

For every Christingle Orange that you wish to make you will need:

  • a large orange
  • red electrical tape or similar (we’ll be using a red ribbon we saved from a birthday cake)
  • 4 cocktail sticks (plus a few spare in case you break one or two)
  • dolly mixture (or soft fruit, or anything soft enough to push a cocktail stick through!)
  • a small/thin candle (we’ll be using a birthday candle because it comes with it’s own mount and spike)

We also share a video made by the Bible Society, and used with permission, which takes a rather apt, 2020, Covid-19 style approach to the 12 days of Christmas.

There are two great Videos you can also watch which we think are fabulous and can highly recommend:

Bible Society – The Greatest Journey

Skit Guys – Sticky Jesus

The BerryBunch

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Christingle, 2020 Materials you will need if you want to join in

If you want to join in with our LIVE BROADCAST Christingle, this Sunday afternoon at 4pm (GMT), you won’t need many things.

A single, Christingle Orange

It was only a couple of years ago we led a team that made over 600 Christingle Oranges. The room had a divine smell and it was great fun.

This one will be a little easier I think, although LIVE BROADCASTS have their own, special, challenges!

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Christingles are a great way of getting excited for celebrating Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ. We love them.

You can expect a BerryBunch Christingle each year in the run up to Christmas – from our home, to yours. You can view from the comfort of your own home and whether you’re 8 or 80, we’ll have something for you to enjoy!

We will, amongst other things – of course – show you how to make your own Christingle.

Andy’s first experience of a Christingle was when he led the team that delivered one to nearly 800 guests at a church in Hampshire. When the first candle was accidentally lit early, it certainly made for an interesting baptism of fire!

Christingle 2020
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