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Daily Family Prayers – Prayer 2:62

We’ve done nearly 85 Live, Prayer Sessions since we started and we’ve now got a shiny new format we’re going to start using from Tuesday 16th February 2021.

We’ll still be live, on Facebook, from 4pm weekdays – but in our shiny new format, “Prayer 2:62”.

Daily Family Prayer becomes Prayer 2:62

We’ll take a maximum of 10 minutes with 2 types of prayer:

  • 6 minutes praying to God
  • 2 minutes thanking God

We hope you’ll join us.

Send things we can pray for – for you, or yours. Or, share a prayer God has answered.

Andy B and the BerryBunch

Prayer 2:62, from 4pm - weekdays
Prayer 2:62, from 4pm – weekdays

Daily Family Prayers Returns

We’re back, after a really restful Christmas break, with Daily Family Prayers, Live @ 1pm, on our Facebook page – starting Monday 11th January 2021.

fluffy small dog, in a jacket, running
fluffy dog, running

It’ll be the usual format, where we pause our day – for about 15 minutes – for things around the world to pray into situations around the world. We always finish with a time to say thankyou to God for all the good things in the world and in our lives too.

If you see or know of an issue you think we need to pray for then you can add it to our collective praying, and message us through Facebook, Instagram, DingDash or via our website

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Making Plans for Broadcasts in 2021

Making plans for 2021, and more of our broadcasts and free Video Resources for plenty more Episodes for Season 3.

We’ll be carrying on with our weekly Daily Family Prayers Live at 1pm, Andy B 2 Minute Videos (as inspiration strikes) and more.

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Prayer 2:62

Our Daily Family Prayers happens on weekdays, live from 4pm currently on Facebook.

As a family we have regular moments to stop and pray throughout the days. We started our Daily Family Prayers as a way to ensure we pause and stop to speak to God.

Praying Hands on Bible
Praying Hands on Bible

We love taking moments to hush and pause throughout the day with our living, Creator God. They’re a great time to reconcile ourselves to God. We often take time to listen to the Holy Spirit too.

Daily Family Prayer becomes Prayer 2:62
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