Prayer 2:62

Our Daily Family Prayers happens on weekdays, live from 1pm currently on Facebook.

As a family we have regular moments to stop and pray throughout the days. We started our Daily Family Prayers as a way to ensure we pause and stop to speak to God.

We love taking moments to hush and pause throughout the day with our living, Creator God. They’re a great time to reconcile ourselves to God. We often take time to listen to the Holy Spirit too.

Daily Family Prayer becomes Prayer 2:62

“Well done to you and all the family for keeping that light shining during Halloween. You have certainly set a good base on which to build next year. You gave quality to what you did.”
A Reverend Canon

You’re very welcome to join as we live stream our times of Daily Family Prayer, Live @ 1pm – every weekday on our Facebook page.

If you want us to pray for something, on your behalf, you can email or message those to us. You can pray along with us too, if you join our livestream – over on our Facebook Page – .

And if you have any answers to prayer, you can send those too – and we’ll share them with everybody to and encourage us all.

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