Family Focus – Saturday 5th January 2019 Adam to Noah – Meaning of Names & Matthew 5 – Sermon on the Mount

Jo led this bible study for Steve’s Birthday:

Open One Present! I know the one!

Song: Love has a name – Jesus Culture (Live) ft Kim Walker-Smith

Opening Prayer

Bible Reading: Genesis 5


  • What do you take from this passage, in particular the genealogy from Adam to Noah?
  • Why do you think this in the bible?

Video: The Hidden Meaning of Genesis 5

Check in/ Thoughts: From Video

Birthday Boy!

  • Looked at meaning of Names in Genesis 5
  • Meaning of Steven – Crowned
  • Here’s a crown for you!
  • Give Envelope

Bible Reading: Matthew 5


  • What is most relevant thing that Jesus spoke of in this passage for you in your life at this time?


Closing Prayer

Birthday Prayer: Lay hands on Steven


Jo uploaded this bible study on Friday 8th February 2019

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