The Team

BerryBunch on a beach

We are a family of five with very different talents, gifts and interests.

If you want to learn a little more about us, read on (and maybe grab a coffee or tea or hot chocolate or whatever your favourite drink is).

You get something of a flavour of who we are. When we get a few moments we’ll put a little more detail in.

Andy B -Dad, Husband

Andy B playing the keyboard

I started following Jesus when I was 7 years old, making a deliberate decision to do things His way.

God has never left my side, although I’ve sometimes tried to walk a path that seems a little more logical to me!

God is so good, and has gently steered me back to the things He desires for me to do.

Jo Jo – Wife, Mother, Friend

Jo Jo

Loves walking in the countryside – lots!

Steven – Number 1 Son

Countryside View, Hill

Short and to the point…we will see…

Nathan – Number 2 Son

Northern Scottish Sunset

An eye for detail and great with a camera.

Peter – Number 3 Son

Countryside View

He is called Peter for a reason…built like a rock and power packed. A Stryper loving man!

Magdi – Our daughter, waiting in heaven and still impacting our lives every day

Magdi's Lego Tower
Magdi’s Lego Tower

We couldn’t miss Magdi off our family bio.

She lived for just 11 weeks, but became a source of hope. Her life brought some much needed perspective.

The image is one we made to remember her.

The BerryBunch

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