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Something 4 Sunday Lite

We’ll be back for Series 3, on Sunday 17th January 2021, from 4pm.

Something 4 Sunday LITE

If you’re short on time, and especially if you want to deeper in your relationship with God, Something 4 Sunday LITE is perfect for you. It’s all based around the challenge to #GoDo – scripture encourages us to become more like Jesus and that is what S4S LITE is all about.

S4S LITE is a brilliant Spiritual Workout, and is Suitable For All Ages and Fitness Levels.

S4S LITE was born out of a desire to provide something more aimed at young people, and is written and recorded by our own Youth Department here at the BerryBunch.

S4S LITE Advert, Season 3

We came up with the idea for Something 4 Sunday LITE, while filming Something 4 Sunday – which is an All Age Service style broadcast for the whole family, whatever your age.

Andy B opens up the scripture we’re looking at for the episode and then Nathan & Steven challenges us with 3 things to #GoDo during the week ahead.

“Andy, just want to say a big thank you for this resource, which I found well prepared, helpful, relevant, practical and spiritual – not  a bad combination.”
A Reverend Canon

You can view episodes by following the link below.

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Something 4 Sunday LITE, Series 2, Episode 3

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